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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Bit About My Scarves

Well, those of you who know me IRL, have heard quite a bit about my Crocheting Scarves. And yet between this Blog and Facebook, there have never been any pictures (save one of my very first scarf completed). The reason was that each and every scarf I finished was given away as a Christmas gift! This year for Christmas, I gave away a total of 10 scarves as gifts!! Quite proud of that really ;-) But obliviously I couldn't post pictures of them here LOL And unfortunately I didn't remember to take pictures of each scarf I completed - which really would have been a good idea.
But alas I received an email from my SIL in Germany, telling me that the Christmas package I mailed off on December 11 finally arrived yesterday! (don't even get me started on the mail system!) See I did in fact take pictures of the scarves I crocheted for she & my BIL, because they were a little different from the ones I made everyone else - a different pattern, a different type of yarn, and I used 2 colors instead of just one straight through. I was waiting until they arrived to Germany before I posted this Blog, so as not to spoil the surprise.
To top it all off, I crocheted myself another scarf the other day, mostly to play around with a wider length, but also because I wanted another one in a different color ... in case I feel like wearing a color other than Brown when it's cold! ;-)
So here they are!

SIL's Scarf

BIL's Scarf
This was a different pattern altogether than I normally do.  Other than it being a different type of yarn, I used a Single Stitch, Double Stitch Crochet Pattern and added a border, which I thought helped really put the finishing touches on them both! SIL is in Germany, as I mentioned above, and it gets pretty cold there in the winter months! (which was one of the reasons the package took so long to reach them - there was a snow storm just before Christmas) I thought the thicker, softer yarn would be warmer than one we would need here in Mississippi.
BIL is stationed in Afghanistan right now and said it gets very cold there and that they have snow as well. So I thought the same sort of scarf would benefit him well while he is there. Unfortunately my package missed his Leave by just 1 day :-(  But I know that SIL will send it on to him for me :-)

Now this is the scarf I made for myself.
White Scarf

White Scarf ~ Close View
It is a White Flecked-colored yarn, which in my opinion really comes out nicely for a scarf. I used a Double Stitch Pattern I found here and this is the pattern I used on every single scarf I made for Christmas, save the two above :-) It is 72 inches long, not including the fringe on both ends and 6 inches wide. I'm pleased with it and I think it came out quite nice.

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