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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Funniest Boo-Boo I've Ever Made!!

So my family & I are getting ready to go to our Fishing Camp for a few days - a final trip before summer ends & school begins.
While getting everyone's bags packed, my son wants to gets our dog, Wennie's things together. And I decide to make her up a Personalized "Outing" bag . . . Real Quick . . . before we head out. This way we can keep all of her things together in one spot.
So I pull out one of my small canvas totes & some iron-on letters & put them on the bag. Real Quick . . . .

First thing, I'm out of "N"s and have to substitute a few upside down "U"s.
Then I pull off the handkerchief I placed on top of the letters (you have to do that when you iron on letters to protect the plastic from melting) and half the letters come off ON the handkerchief!!!!!
I was in such a rush, I put the 3 middle letters on upside down!! When I pulled the handkerchief up the letters "E-U-U" were on it!!
I was able to get more Es & Us to complete the bag, but still! So funny!!

I now have a handkerchief that days "Ew!" !!!!!!! hahahahaha I never could have planned such a Boo-Boo!!
And to top it all off, I can't get them off!! :D