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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puss in Boots Amigurumi

So you're probably wondering what I've been up to lately - I've been so quiet! I'm doing my very best to get all the Christmas presents I can made before Christmas!! Also today is my kids' last day of school, so I've had to work especially hard to get their things done before they're home all day :-)
Here is my latest creation:
Puss in Boots 
He's so adorable!!!
And I don't think I'll be doing him again any time in the near future!! LOL He was quite a lot of work! But it'll all be worth it on Christmas morning when my youngest son opens him up! He loves this character! He collects any one that he can find!
I saw the pattern when I was looking for the Spongebob Amigurumi - the patterns are by the same person. And I bought this one knowing I would want to make it for my baby as a surprise :-)
((please excuse the mess on my desk  - it's crunch time after all))
He is suppose to measure 11 inches tall ... but you know me by now! And from his boots to the feather in his hat, he is 18 inches tall!! He has a cape, a belt and a belt buckle and of course, a tail as well.
I love him! And my son will too!!

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