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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fuzz Balls

These are so adorable! My kids love them!
I use Lion Brand Yarn Fun Fur & Festive Fur with this cute little pattern and my kids love them! At first all I had was some blue. But the blue fades from a really dark, almost black, to a light light light shy blue - it's really pretty. And the best part is, when you make your Fuzz Balls, they each look different because of the changing colors of the yarn! It's great!
I now have another color of Fun Fur that's got lighter colors in it - pink, green, purple and light blue - and am making more to go with the little village my children are creating with the ones I've already made! LOL
They're super easy, super quick and adorable! Glue some wiggly eggs on them and you're all done! you can add little hats or bows to give them each their own personality and kids love them!
Here is a pic of 2 I did today, a boy & girl couple ;-) 
(just to give you an idea of how big they are, they are each the size of a tennis ball)

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