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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SpongeBob Amigurumi

SO this is my latest project ... And I am over the moon about it - Really!!!!
It was such fun to do! And it was a challenge! I love a challenge!! It is also the largest Amigurumi I've completed to date - 19 inches!!!!! ((it's suppose to measure 14.5 inches, completed, but apparently my stitches got away from me LOL))
I bought the Pattern online and was so excited to see it!! On the day I was looking, it was the only Spongebob pattern available, but since then I've noticed more popping up! Well I'm perfectly happy with this one! It was fun to do, easy to follow, and he's ... just ... so ... cute!!!!!!!!!! I'm giving him to my older son for Christmas and he's going to be so excited!!!!! He hasn't seen even the pattern yet - not a picture - nothing. And when he opens it on Christmas morning - YAY!!!
It was a bit harder than anything I've done yet - I was restarting and pulling out stitches, and I must have re-sewn his eyes on 3 different times! But I got him done this morning ... And Ta-Da!! Here he is .............

SpongeBob Standing

 As you can see, he is so large, he didn't even fit into the frame! LOL But so cute! He has enormous blue eyes and pretty black eyelashes. An embroidered smile and his two front teeth sticking out! He has on his tie, of course and white socks and black shoes. :-)
SpongeBob Sitting

Here is SpongeBob Sitting and you can kind of see his shoes a little bit better. Also I think he looks so adorable sitting up!

Right now I have placed him on my computer desk, on a stack of books, with one leg propped up. Smiling at me naturally, pleased that I've brought him to 3 Dimension, where he has been made with love in each and every stitch and where he will be loved forever more. Now I shall sit back and enjoy looking at him for the rest of the day while I pop the top off a celebratory Dr Pepper. :-)