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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mario Amigurumi

This was so much fun to do! It was a request from a friend. She bought a Luigi a while back & said she'd love to have a Mario as well for her little boy. It took me no time at all to find a really great pattern. It was easy to follow - the instructions were clear and and in very good order. It did however have a lot more details than what I'm use to! LOL Every little detail is there: ears, side burns, mustache, suspenders with yellow button. Mario has several layers of felt making up his shining blue eyes and a nice cluster of black curls in the back of his head. The hat alone was quite a job! But every bit of it was fun to do! 
Mario's eyes are cut from felt (white, blue, black and then white again) and hot glued together. Then hot glued onto his face. The buttons on his suspenders are also hot glued into place, however the suspenders themselves are sewn into place.
The M on his hat is also cut from felt and hot glued into place. The white "circle" on the Logo is crocheted and sewn to the hat. The hat is sewn to his head and the "curls" are sewn to his head and beneath his hat.
Mario took quite a bit of work and has a lot of details ... but it's going to be well worth the effort to make a little boy happy!
And of course, a project that has so many details, is going to need a lot of pictures! ;-)

Mario Standing

Mario Sitting

Close up of Mario's Face

Mario's Back

Side View of Mario


  1. Stay tuned for pix of Luigi - I've decided I'd like to have the pair! :-)

  2. I made him too!see his picture on my blog too.

  3. Thanks so much for checking out my Blog! :-)
    I looked at your Mario and LOVE it!! You did a great job! (I also copied your Marie LOL I just LOVE Aristocats!!