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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Tweety Amigurumi

For Easter each year I usually buy my kids a stuffed animal to go in their Easter Baskets ... And it's usually a Bunny of some kind :)
This year however, I decided to make them both an Amigurumi! One that they've been wanting for some time. Little "D" loves Loony Tunes & especially Tweety!
Several weeks ago I bought a Tweety Amigurumi pattern on Etsy and have been waiting for an occasion to make it for Little "D" ... Easter seemed perfect!
When he woke up on Easter morning he was quite surprised with his gift ... And he loves it!!
So here's my finished product!


  1. It's so cute!!! What do you use to stuff them?

  2. I just use regular Poly-Fil (polyester fiber fill stuffing). :)