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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cozy

So after I was finished with Mario, I was ready to make something simple & fun and just for myself! I'm always cold, especially in the evening. I have a rocking chair that I love to sit in while I crochet and work on various projects. I have it set up perfectly with my small table for my coffee (or Dr Pepper, depending on what time of day we're talking about here). I have a medium sized container for my yarn and an hat box for finished scarves and scraps. I even have a footstool to prop my feet up on ... But there tends to be a draft, being that the chair is situated in front of the opening into the dining room and a sliding glass door as well. Like I said Brrr ...
So I came across a hot Water Bottle the other day while shopping with Hubby and he buys it for me, telling me that it would help keep me warm while I'm in my chair, creating! Of course, I told him I've wanted one for years!!
But looking at it, sitting there, alone with its red rubber staring at me, cold and bare, I thought Hmmm .... You Need a Cozy!! LOL So I whipped up this little Cozy yesterday on my day off. It was fun to do and I really love something I can do in one day's time!
It's Double Crocheted in Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA with Minneapolis Purple & Green Bay. Hometown USA is the type of yarn and is great for this sort of project! It's super Bulky, Roving Yarn and so soft! It feels lovely to hold!

I crocheted it the same size all the way to the top and has a cute little ribbon worked into the stitches to tie it at the neck of the hot water bottle into a cute bow. I simply fill my hot water bottle, screw in the plug and slip in into the cozy. Tie it snug at the top and carry around my warmth where ever I go! It's so great for staying warm, for pretty much any aches & pains you may have, tummy troubles, and I even hear it's good for babies with ear infections! The heat comforts them and the weight of the bottle soothes away the pain! Huh! Who knew! Well I love mine. And now with my cozy, I'm comfortable all the time!!

Look for it soon to pop up in my new shop on Etsy! I certainly plan on making more!!

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