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Monday, November 29, 2010

My First Amigurumi

I know I posted this one already on my Green Journey Blog . . . and on Facebook . . . but I figure it's best to go in order and really, I'd like to document my projects from the very beginning. So if there's a little repeating, forgive me ;-) I just want to log it all in in the same place.
So this is the very first Amigurumi project I ever did. It is Miuku the Cat. Isn't it cute?!?! The pattern is free & the Link is posted. I got it via Free Amigurumi Patterns which is where I get most of my patterns. It looked easy and small and well, the perfect starter if you ask me. I was so pleased with the first few rounds when I realized I was actually making something!! WOOHOO!! I ran to the bedroom and woke up Hubby just to show him what I could do!
I had a little bit of trouble sewing it together at first, but I email a friend and she gave me instructions on how and also sent me a link with pictures. When I got confused about what kind of needle to use, she also sent me a pic of what kind to buy! LOL I looked pretty ridiculous trying to thread a strand of yarn into a cross stitch needle! I'm very thankful to my friend Tray for introducing me to this wonderful craft! And all the help she's given me through the learning process. 
So here it is! My very first Amigurumi Project! Miuku the Cat!

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