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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amigurumi Dinosaur

Ok, first off, all I can say is .... 
WOW !!!
When I planned to make this dinosaur, I had no idea he was going to turn out to be SO BIG!!! Of course as I was making him and he kept growing and growing and growing ... I caught on! LOL He really surprised me though. By the time I had finished I had had to make 2 trips to the store for yarn! First time doing that on a single project for me. I had to stop a few times to regroup just because the amount of work it took to do him was more than I was use to! But I pressed on! And like all my projects, I love him! I'm glad I finished him and am very proud of how he turned out :-) 
I found the Pattern at a store on Etsy and am very happy with the instructions!
I used Red Heart Yarn in Patty Green & Medium Thyme. 
The embroidered yarn teeth were a bit too much for me though, so I ended up (after the 3rd try) cutting triangles from white felt and hot-gluing them into place. It's the only thing I did different from the original pattern. 
From Tail to Nose: 24 inches
From Head to Foot: 20 inches
From Hip Bone to Hip Bone: 12 inches
Yep, like I said: WOW!!
Hope you like it!


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