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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bart Simpson-Inspired Mini Bag

Well I never make one of my children something without making the other one something as well. So when I made the Pokemon Bag for Younger "D" I asked Older "D" what kind of bag he would like. He didn't think for long before he answered "A Simpson Bag!" He just loves the Simpson's ;-) He told me he wanted:
  1. For it to have a Red Bottom
  2. For it to have a Blue middle 
  3. And for it to have a Yellow top (like Bart's hair)
It took less than a day - I made it the evening I finished the Dinosaur. And I'm very happy  with how it came out!
I decided to add another White Crochet Circle to this one as well, so that I could place a black B in the center of the bag (for Bart) LOL Just because I thought it was cute :-)

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