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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crochet Scrunchies

This is something really fun I did in no time at all!
Originally it started out as the top of a market bag, but I wasn't quite clear on some stitches while I was working it, so I decided to just pull out the whole second part. And this is what I was left with! ;-)
Not too bad for a mistake that ended in a fresh pile of yarn ... and an adorable Scrunchie!
The first one is a Multi-Colored hair accessory and the 2nd one I did was really just me playing around with some scraps of yarn I had left over from other projects. I just love it when you can do that! Barely any dark green left over, but it was able to be turned into something pretty and useful!
I put them both up for sale on my Etsy shop. I figured when someone was buying an item, they could easily add a scrunchie or 2 to their order - simple. I definitely plan on adding more - this is something that can be made so fast and easily!

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