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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amigurumi Alien

This cute little Amigurumi Alien was one of the first Amigurumi that I ever saw. I found it at Free Amigurumi Patterns. It was cute, small, easy ... all the things I love in an Amigurumi pattern! LOL It turned out to be very simple and so adorable!
Well my oldest son saw the pattern and wanted it so bad! Of course I made it for him! The alien in the pattern I saw was used with a very light "alien" colored green. I used a very dark green (a color I had bought for some Christmas patterns I plan to do). I used white for the eyes and stitched on black for pupils with yarn. The eye stems on mine are different lengths, as the pattern suggested, giving them a bit more personality. I did have to stick a pipe cleaner into the longer eye stem though because, for some reason, that one didn't want to stand up on it's own. But it's super adorable! And did I mention easy? LOL
Cute! Have a look:

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