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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doggie Blanket

I was quite tired after making that enormous SpongeBob (lol) but somehow I still managed to whip up this Dog Blanket in one evening! I was proud of myself actually. It's just a little thing, but it's really soft and warm and I think it's pretty ... um I mean handsome :-) I made it for my brother's dog. He's a sweet little Chihuahua mix and he's naturally on the skinny side so he gets cold easily - kinda like my Wennie, but she's more on the chunky side. I always figure she gets cold easily because she's so small and close to the grown.
But as I was saying, my brother & SIL's dog is a very sweet little man and I wanted to make him something to help keep him warm. Wennie doesn't really like to cover up with her Blankies, she would rather lay on them ... and somehow that keeps her warm. Hopefully this Blanket will be big enough to cover Spencer, if that's what he prefers. I think it will be. It's made in Tan, Chocolate and Red Stripes and measures 19inches x 19inches. I like it ;-)
Wennie's a wee bit jealous ... She kinda thought I was making it for her. ((I'm actually surprising her with a new one this year for Christmas!)) Her baby Blankie has been too small for her to settle her chunky self on to, even though she tries as hard as she can to curl herself into the tightest ball she can when she lays on it. I think one the same size as Spencer's will be perfect!
Well, here it is - Spencer's Blankie!
Spencer's Blankie

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  1. Just wanted to add:
    After resting a bit, I looked it over again and Hubby thought adding a border would really bring the Blankie together nicely :-) So it is now edged with a pretty Red Border! Very nice