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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade Christmas Stockings

It seems like every year I buy new Christmas Stockings! No matter how hard I try, they just don't last around here! So for the past few years I've been buying the cheaper, plain ones. Usually I write everyone's name in glitter or something like that.
This year I was looking to decorate the Stockings yet again.
We just went to the Christmas Parade in our town last week and an idea hit me when I was looking to decorate them this year - The beads!! We always need something to do them after all. I hate having them around the house just making a mess.
Decorating our Christmas Stockings has become quite a tradition in our household. It's fun to do and makes them more personal. You can use anything from around your house, even if you don't have any glitter or sparkles. Any kind of ribbon, beads, buttons, bows, or sequins you have on hand will work. Just be creative and make them your own! Some imagination, a little vision, and a Hot-Glue Gun will make every Stocking unique and individual.
I think my Stockings really came out cute this year and I really enjoyed making them!

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