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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Attempt at a Pokemon

My youngest son loves Pokemon! He's been a fan for years! So I was pretty excited when I found a whole blog full of free patterns of Pokemon Amigurumi!!! YAY! Of course my baby wanted Pikachu right off! I mean, who wouldn't? He is the top dog after all.
Well it took me exactly 3 tries to give up!
And I'm talking crocheting the entire head and body. Pulling out all the threads (just in case you didn't know, crocheting is almost always one continuous thread all the way through a project. You can literally unravel any one of my blankets or scarves just by pulling long enough!) And starting over again. I did this 3 times!!! For some reason I just couldn't get it to come out right!?! So I decided perhaps I need a little more practice at Amigurumi before I tackle something like that. And perhaps a stitch marker. Well my sweet boy kindly choose another Pokemon that was easier for Mama to do.
See the problem with Pikachu was that his head and body were, like I said, continuous rows. But I found Pichu - which he said was his 2nd favorite!! And this one was in separate pieces. Yay Mom!!
Now I had bought the yarn specifically for Pikachu . . . so Pichu looks like Pikachu LOL But my baby is happy and that's all that matters to me! Pichu was actually very easy! It took me a few days to complete, simply because I had a lot to do in those days (the week of Thanksgiving) and couldn't devote constant time to it. But I finished it and he loves it!! And I promised I'd work on dear Pikachu and get him done as a Christmas present :-)
So here is my finished Pichu (the wrong colors, yes, but still adorable)

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