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Friday, December 3, 2010


This I found and knew right away I just had to make it!!
My children are huge Spongebob fans, my oldest more so, and when he saw the picture of Plankton on a web site he said "Mama, I need that!" LOL How could I possibly say not now to that?
The good thing about Amigurumi this small is that they really can be made super quick! I made this in one evening. Pipe cleaners are needed for the antenna and for the arms - just wrap them in the yarn. Plankton's eye is crocheted and then sewn onto his body. After I crocheted the cream-colored part, I used red yarn for the pupil and a tiny bit of white yarn for the "glistening" effect. If you don't wish to sew that much however, you can always use felt and just hot-glue it on. Plankton's eyebrow is a thick piece of fluffy black yarn, hot-glued over his eyelid and his mouth is white yarn, sewn in a sort of triangle shape. His teeth are black cross-stitch thread, sewn over the yarn. The eyelid I sewed on after I attached his eye to his body - just stitched through, over and over until it covered as much as I wanted it to cover.
It sounds like an awful lot of sewing, but truthfully, it didn't seem like this much when I was actually doing it. I think anything you wanted to do with felt and hot-glue instead of yarn would make this pattern go faster and be simpler.
My Plankton stands about 4 inches tall .... and my first born son loves him!!

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