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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Christmas Cookies

I've always loved watching people on TV make Homemade Christmas Cookies! It seems like the perfect family Christmas-time tradition! I never have tried it before this year. When I was young, I guess it was something kids weren't allowed to do - help out in the kitchen and make a mess. When my kids were small, I guess I was doing my best to get through the holidays in one piece LOL But this year I decided to take on this project! Christmas Cookies, here I come!
Me & the kiddies went to the store and bought all the ingredients for Sugar cookies. We decided to buy the Icing in the spray tube - the one that includes 4 different decorative tips. We bought a HUGE canister of Sprinkles! And a set of 3 Christmas Cookie Cutters! We were ready!

First I mixed the cookie dough. It was surprisingly easy! I thought for some reason it would be thick and hard to mix. But it wasn't! It mixed perfect! We let it chill for about 20 minutes ... and then the boys couldn't wait any longer! We got it out, rolled out half and started cutting! The first try wasn't very good. There wasn't enough flour and I rolled it out too thin, so it was hard to scrape up and cookies. But we got 2 or 3 out of it and then rolled out some more (this time with more flour) and tried again ... So much better this time! They cut perfect! They lifted off the table perfect! It was great!
Into the oven went the first batch!
While they were baking, we got to work on the next batch. Again, these were easier and the kids had so much fun! They enjoyed the rolling & cutting part, but they were just being patient, waiting for the fun part ... Decorating!!!!

They fully enjoyed the entire decorating process! From the first time the icing squirted out across the table! LOL It was fun to smear the icing all over Christmas Tree Cookies and the use sprinkles to "decorate" the tree! And to use the icing to dot eyes and buttons onto the Gingerbread Men! We loved finding new ways to decorate each and every one. And when we were finished ... They. Were. So. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! The best cookies I ever had!

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